Quotes to frame a new blog

Boulding (1990) Building a Global Civic Culture: Education for an Interdependent World 

“Imagining how events could be otherwise than they are is a hallmark freedom and power of human beings. Making social imagination work for us involves us in new concepts and principles, in new ways of using our minds to grasp complexities we do not yet comprehend. Thinking this way helps us construct new social realities both locally and globally. Social

imagination is not merely for the sake of of academic knowing; it must include our feelings, and it must include our acting.”

Hahn (1940) The Love of Enterprise, The Love of Aloneness, The Love of Skill 

“If it be true that Education can heal the State, then indeed we educators have a grave and anxious responsibility.”

Ruitenberg (2005) Deconstructing the Experience of the Local: Toward a Radical Pedagogy of Place

“If one wishes to educate students to have a commitment to their social and ecological environment, one needs to start with an emphasis on commitment rather than on locality or community. Despite the commonly used metaphor, human beings do not grow actual roots on which they depend for their physical, intellectual, or ethical nourishment. Instead, nomads who have learned the ethical gestures of hospitality and openness to a community-to-come will bring nourishment to any place in which they land.”