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  1. Dragons

    17 Dec 2019

    Many educational projects today are trying so very hard and nobly to mutate: to rescue, bypass, reconfigure and support–provide more than a catalyst, cool project or amazing school specific feat. Theses projects call for more, people are prototyping like mad and gaining ground – in certain spaces and I am…

  2. Piper’s Educational Ecology

    17 Dec 2019

    A day in the learning ecology of Piper Hahn Piper is a 15 year old who lives in Midcoast Maine, US. A year ago, Piper heard about a new way to learn, and decided to take part in a new learning experience called the Maine Networked Learning Project. Known as…

  3. Ursula LE Guin’s First Note

    17 Dec 2019

    “The difficulty of translation from a language that doesn’t yet exist is considerable, but there’s no need to exaggerate it. The past, after all, can be quite as obscure as the future. The ancient Chinese book called Tao teh ching has been translated into English dozens of times, and indeed…