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Once a media is introduced….A razors edge between mass participation and….

If the institutions of today look the same in 5 or 10 years, we’ve got problems…. (2012)

If we took this video (design fiction) that Microsoft created (which chronicles so much, from personalization~Personal Learning (implicit) to MR and tech immersion (explicit) and applied it to design of a learning ecology we might ask these questions:

  • What pedagogical changes are necessary for students and teachers (learners and mentors) to find the “school scene” normal for their core learning day, everyday — interdisciplinary learning, prototyping, connected (to the real world) and networked interaction and research….? (start to m.1:08)

  • What skillsets and mindsets make the young woman featured (our students in the NEAR future) successful? What kind of work is she doing and how is it blending with her life? 1:08-2:13)

  • What kinds of projects will new companies be engaged in? How are the featured employers finding employees? What might they be doing? What are they looking for? (2:13-3:00)

  • What does balance in life and work look like for this young woman (our children in the future)? 

  • What skills does she possess? 3:00-4:16

  • Ultimately, how is she happy? How is she successful? How is she connected? How does she find new work? (4:39-6:28)….

  • How will our projects together be designed to cultivate these new dispositions…..

What should we be asking children to consider about technology? Are we?

Applied foresight and moving beyond hope into action

And Astra….